Migrant workers cover their children with saris, a traditional clothing worn by women, to protect them from heat as they wait to get on a bus to reach a railway station to board a train to their home state of eastern Bihar, during an extended lockdown to slow the spreading of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Ahmedabad, India, May 20, 2020. REUTERS/Amit Dave - RC29SG9HFGRF

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hear their stories.

The Persecuted highlights news and stories on behalf of persecuted individuals and groups all around the world.

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Hear their stories.

The Persecuted highlights news and stories on behalf of persecuted individuals and groups all around the world.

we speak up about abuse and oppression when others cannot.

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We investigate and report on abuses happening in all corners of the world. We are human rights activists who work to protect the most at risk, from vulnerable minorities to refugees and children in need.


We work towards a world where individuals and communities are empowered to fight against injustice, oppression, persecution, and harassment and have the ability to freely make their own choices and expressions.


We believe in that everyone should be able to exercise their basic rights and liberties, and be given the same opportunities, regardless of their race, gender, culture, religion, or other affiliation. 



The COVID pandemic has resulted in discrimination against minority groups, a phenomena dubbed “COVID shaming”. 

Throughout the world, individuals and groups are being blamed, shamed, assaulted, and jailed for allegedly “spreading the virus”. Many victims of COVID shaming are religious and ethnic minorities.

From the Black Plague to AIDS to COVID today, communities that suffered the most from diseases were the most vilified and attacked. It is time to stop this history from repeating and stand up for victims’ rights and privacy.

This will leave a dark stain in the histories of each of these countries, unless something is done right away to rectify the error.

This is a petition requesting for these human rights abuses to come to an end. Like previous petitions and cries for help, we hope and believe that if this reaches the ears of governments around the world it can result in change and corrective legislation. This can only be done with your support.

Thank you.


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the persecuted

15 million

Children under the age of 15 who suffer from abuse and neglect.

27 million

Enslaved in the human trafficking trade throughout
the world.

246 million

Child laborers whose freedom and rights are trampled on daily.

join us and raise your voice for the voiceless.



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