Countries where Christians are persecuted today

When Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for Rome’s Grand Fire, these people carried the heaviest cross. No one wanted the devastation, yet the believers were heavily persecuted for it. 

Many died in the hands of the crowd. They were condemned to get played and shamed in front of others because of their faith. In Nero’s garden, they were used as torches for the night and others raced with dogs until their bodies gave up. 

Sadly, the incidents did not stop. History repeated itself for centuries and Christians still suffer injuries and deaths because they do not want to renounce their faith in the Lord. 

Persecution is an embedded word for Christians. Nowadays, it is still hard to live as one in some countries. This article will highlight the countries where Christians are persecuted.

Countries Where It Hurts to Be a Christian

According to Open Doors USA CEO David Curry, when people speak, we are obliged to listen to their cries. This statement is made addressing the present statistics of Christians dying every day. 

Eight believers die every day, 182 Churches are ravaged every week, and three hundred nine innocent Christians are accused. The numbers mirror the 2020 World Watch List reports about the lives of Christians worldwide. 

North Korea

Countries where Christians are persecuted

When Open Doors started its vocation, North Korea had always been on its list as one of the most dangerous places for Christians. 1992 was when the organization began the count worldwide, and the country stayed on the top spot until today. 

The trend is a sad result of the oppression of the North Koreans to those who believe in the Lord. Supposedly, religion started there in the 18th Century when missionaries arrived, and many people embraced the faith. 

Seohak was the adopted name for Christianism in North Korea. When it was slowly blooming, Protestants came along, and many changes happened. Facilities like schools and hospitals were built. These infrastructures have been of great help in modernization. 

Although religion made a considerable contribution, it did not stop others from persecuting their people until this time. Some were brought to labor camps and worst, those who are found to be Christians are sentenced to death. 


Breaking off with Islam is a mortal sin and in Afghanistan, converting to Christianity is punishable by death. Some met a much harder life than death after doing so. 

People who choose Christianity often move out of the country to avoid dire consequences. Those who can’t and are found to be believers of the Lord are disowned by their families. 

Switching to another religion 

Most converted individuals are put in asylums when they switch to another religion. This one is shameful, and it is a sign of sanity, so they try to cure it. 

Places controlled by the Taliban face more complicated life. They are more violent in persecuting than the previous examples. 


Somalia is another country listed as a dangerous zone for Christians. As part of the Islamic community, no one can convert to other religions. Hence, anyone who does either dies or is harassed. 

Individuals who turn to the Lord are not the only ones in danger. His family is also in trouble; they are put in shame and women are either raped or forcibly married regardless of their age. 

Al-Shabab is the primary advocate of Islam in Somalia. This group heavily persecutes Christians, even those who are only suspected. They believe Shariah is the only thing in the world. It is the basis of belief and nothing else. 


Christian persecution in Pakistan is bloody and very much saddening. Churches and religious buildings are ravaged to present a strong resentment towards the religion. Anything related to Christianity is destroyed. 

If you convert to the Western religion, you are lower than the lowest in society and are the victims of dishonorable treatment. All the dirty jobs are given to these people. 

Muslim people have the highest regard in Pakistan. They receive the best treatment, so they have excellent jobs. More so, they marry well, unlike their counterpart. Christian girls are often kidnapped and attacked. 

Most women are raped, and they have no choice but to marry their abductors. The Christian life is disheartening in the country. 


In the last 2021 World Watch List, Colombia has seen a rise in Christian persecution. The country moved 11 spots from where it was years ago. The FARC and other guerilla activities were seen as the reasons for it. 

Colombia is facing a lot of challenges at this time. Aside from Christians, the country is also succumbing to Covid-19 and all the while rebel groups’ activities are becoming rampant. 

The gangs mainly control the country, and they persecute Christians in-sight. It is considered a huge concern and people are even threatened and extorted

Due to the burdening problem, Christians are forced to go under. They can’t actively show their faith in fear of death and severe treatment. 


Open Doors USA listed India as one of the places Christians must avoid. As of 2021, the country is in top 10. Nothing changed much from what they are experiencing since before. 

The believers stayed as one of the poorest. They aren’t accepted in different employments, so they do not have any source of income. The community ousts their families, as well. 

Due to the severing problem, many have reconverted to Hindu. The Christian and Islam people were affected by it primarily. The Hindu extremists can’t accept the foreign faith so they resort to physical abuse and isolation. 


Libya, another Islamic-dominant country, is the last on this list as part of the present places where Christians are still persecuted. As of the moment, the country is ranked fourth in the overall rank of top 50 countries where Christian persecution is rampant. 

Originally, Libya is of Muslim background. When Christian missionaries arrived, many were enticed by the belief. Libyan Christians were born from the interaction and the religion currently has 34, 500 members.

You might think that the number is a good one. However, it only reflects a small fraction of the Libyan citizens. 

The Muslim community treats these people violently as they are seen as a shameful product of other faiths. Hence, they are killed and tortured. Their future is cast aside and they are left on their own. 

Many have tried to change the system in Libya. Christians have longed for the freedom to express themselves, however, they are negatively received. The country’s legal system is not open for them either. 

When your family member is killed due to Christianism, no one will help. The family will even suffer more. They are brought to detention centers and together with others, they are tortured and trafficked for money. 

Important Takeaways

Open Doors USA is an organization that opens the public’s eye to Christian persecution. Emperor Nero is still alive today. He might not be in physical form, yet his desire for abuse and persecution is very much actual. 

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